Black Bone Child / Press

"Black Bone Child, flat out rocks! Killer guitars, big beat, V-8 American rock 'n roll..."

"It's that grip-it-and-rip-it rock & roll, full-throttled and hollow-body-distorted, power riffs ripping the straight and narrow track laid out by this Austin duo."

"Black Bone Child is an exciting new group and one of my favorite discoveries of t he summer. A little Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a little Black Keys, a little blues, and still distinctive, dynamic, and original."

"This hard charging rock and roll album will keep your feet clapping your air guitar cranking. If you have a chance to check this band out, you won't be disappointed. Black Bone Child has a bright future."

"You'll come for the catchiness and stay for the deep nature of these bluesy, ballsy numbers."