Black Blood Stigmata / Press

“If the Amish community in the USA ever caught a whiff of this, all hell would let loose. Simply because the 2012 demo by Ohio's Black / Death Metal newbies Black Blood Stigmata is of anti-religious traits, whilst conventionally the music is nothing new, it is a well conceived demo, the sound and quality is there and it is sure to improve in time, but to be bitten by a cold and harsh wind from a band that is only two members is an outstanding factor, none the less the demo delivers a raw atmosphere that is sure to please fans of Darkthrone. As for the band, they are sure to go further in times ahead, as long as they keep the correct chemistry flowing. [7] RHYS STEVENSON”

“... it has a very dark, raw and primitive sound in the early 90's tradition with some of the songs being long and epic in length. In my opinion Black Blood Stigmata are a very great and dark sounding old school black metal band with a darkened death metal edge and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this demo. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Illuminate A New Sky" and "Resurrected By Black Spells". RECOMMENDED BUY. ”