BlackBeatBlue / Press

“I don't listen to a lot of rock these days but I saw BlackBeatBlue featured in the Port Orchard Independent and I went straight to the web to see what was what. These guys are raw spirits and they are off to a great start. The vocals are powerful, even violent. So would I pay to see them? Yes I would because this is the kind of band that creates sparks for an audience. They are dark, heavy and they mean every word.”

“Pump this up peeps! Good record!! Please visit BlackBeatBlue’s page and give 'em some love (like)..They've got a pretty dope record on their hands!”

Scotty Olson ( Heart, AIC, Deftones )

“After one listen I knew I wanted to feature you as BJ Shea’s Loud And Local Band Of The Week.”

Jolene 99.9 KISW The ROCK of Seattle

“My photo inside the BlackBeatBlue "Completely Different Animal" CD booklet. Buy this CD! Best Seattle grunge-like release since grunge supposedly died! ”

'Iron' Mike Savoia

“Definitely a Seattle Sound – one I haven’t heard before... FAVE BAND OF THE YEAR.”

Jack Endino