Black Acid Devil / Press

“Hailing from the dark hallows of Boulder, Black Acid Devil is a pleasant anomaly among the often ostracized foothills community. Playing heavy psychedelic-Doom riffs and sludgy grooves, this band sets the perfect mood for getting fucked-up on cheap beer.”

Hi Dive

“Now, “Black Acid Devil” might sound a little bit more hardcore than previous acts CU has hosted — let’s say…Pretty Lights — and it was. The night was a throwback of sorts, to pure 90s rock and metal. Black Acid Devil ended the night with a true metal sound. If you’re picturing a show that you can go to and violently head bang to demonic vocals, this was it.While Colorado is known for its indie-rock/electronic talents, who knew it was hiding such pure rock bands? If you’re a fan of Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, or even more recent bands like Bring Me The Horizon, sorry peeps, you missed out on a sick show. Better luck next time!”

“it seems to me they had better things to do. Like play some wicked and tar-thick music for example.Coming from Boulder,CO, this fresh three piece definitely knows how to use their influences and use them “intelligently”. If listening to the opening track “Firebird” felt like traveling back to 1998 and re-discovering Nebula’s “Let it Burn” – due to the song’s catchy psychedelic rock riffs, a rolling bass/drums combo and echoing vocals – the rest of the album is really different from this first song. Another changing element is the type of vocals used throughout these five songs in that it ranges from lackadaisical (SoCal-style) to really aggressive (a mix of Mastodon and Matt Pike maybe?)..The influences are pretty clear but there is no rip-off, which is rare in this genre. If you like all-natural, balls out pachyderm rock, Black Acid Devil is for you.”

“After the Swindlers, a female-fronted power quartet, wrapped up their set, the brilliantly titled Black Acid Devil took the stage to play its own brand of sludgy stoner metal. Black Acid Devil switched back and forth between thick and heavy half-tempo builds before summoning driving, heavy grooves in the vein of Fu Manchu. Although definitely prone to some moments of technicality, the trio seemed to rely more on the tone of its amps and less on expert musicianship to create its sludgy opuses.”

“What do you do if you're from Boulder and you don't entirely buy into the town's clean, wholesome image — or you're just someone who prefers some real edge to the music you make instead of mellowing out, brah? If you're a member of Black Acid Devil (due at the hi-dive on Thursday, December 2), you make music that's as biting and menacing as the name suggests. Even though the doom- and stoner-rock wave has already crested, this band manges to avoid sounding played out and tired, thanks to the conviction that it pours into every note.”