Blabpipe / Press

““Enjoyable introduction. Very psychedelic. Sounds like something that would be played at a triply party in the 1960’s. Vocalist had easy to understand voice. Catchy lyrics, I definitely wanted to sing along with them. Guitar parts are all stellar. I would love to listen to more songs by this artist.” – Crowd Review for ‘Fold Me’ (6 Pack) 2015”

Crowd Review for ‘Fold Me’ (6 Pack)

“love this album. great band. music with soul and purpose. ”

“I like the psyche-grunge mix!”

“Very cool riffs that are catchy and that you don't hear much in rock anymore these days. Must also say the video for Buffalo Bullfrog is very entertaining!”

“The tunes are great guys. Pure Rock. Awesome, keep it coming!!”

“Great songs! These songs are great to listen to in the car, at home, at work. So Far Away and Nominal Man are a wonderfully moody songs. I can't help tapping my toes to Violently. Remedy might be my favorite song. These ORIGINAL songs are worth checking out and the entire album is a worthwhile and enjoyable listening experience.”

“Blabpipe Rocks! I bought this album after seeing these guys play live! Awesome vintage recording style, with some serious bass and guitar riffs! It's cool that each song sounds different, the whole album is pretty unique, definitiely worth the cost.”

“This album is good and definitely worth checking out. The guys have worked hard to produce it and I think you will find it enjoyable. Best of luck to you guys on your success.”

“What a solid album! 13 songs that don't all sound the same, and some wicked guitar solo's! I bet they had some interesting influences for recording this. Definitely worth the price!!”

“I really enjoyed this album. The recordings are good and the songs are well put-together. No bad lyrics or anything like that. Everyone should definitely check it out!”