Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers / Press

"The entire release party was a major success. It seemed as if everyone in the crowd was wearing Brandon Kirkley and the Firecracker t-shirts or at least holding the new album in hand by the end of the night…It was without a doubt a memorable night, and Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers have the stage presence, the addictive rock tunes and the overall appeal to have an insanely successful career in the rock ‘n’ roll industry."

"Wild, addictive, upbeat and charming: just some of the many words that come to mind when thinking of Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers (BKTF)."

"Known for straight ahead high energy rockin’ that’s a little bit Bon Jovi and a little bit The Boss with a dash of Goo Goo Dolls thrown in for good measure….the BKTF sound is wound around melodies, lyrics, hooks, riffs and rhythm created to maximize a moment. They are a “win friends and influence people” posse who thrive on a genuinely unabashed pop-rock panache and an onstage show-off stance. Go for the show and the take-away is catchy captivating music solidly stuck in your head."

"The new seven-song album (Years) is straight up addictive, all-American rock from start to finish."

"Catchy, pump-your-fist sing-alongs and plenty of fun are the aim of Kirkley and company.... timeless pop rock that everybody can enjoy."

“Brandon Kirkley & The Firecrackers have been headlining Amos' and Tremont this past year, and have even become the band to call to fill opening-act slots for national touring bands. The glam persona that Kirkley infuses into the band -- what is, in his words, "Bon Jovi meets Gin Blossoms" -- draws a varied response from the audience, yet the intrigue continues to keep people listening.”

" The band has taken the Charlotte scene by storm - Brandon Kirkley is redefining the Charlotte music scene"