BJ Wilbanks / Press

“The introduction is tuneful, sounds like a happy tune straight from the get-go. Vocals are strong and have an edge. I think the lyrics are great, heart-warming and all that, meaningful and flowing. A real toe-tapper of a beat. Very talented people, love the tune, would definitely listen to this, especially in the summer.”

Female, 17 - Fan Review of "Anything She Wants"

“Good southern blues sound to this song. Music is done well and the guitar sounds really good. Vocals are nice, [BJ Wilbanks] has a good voice and the harmonies blend together great. Great beat, good song structure, fun song all around. I can see this having some commercial success and would I recommend giving it a listen.”

Female, 36 - Fan Review of "Anything She Wants"

“Starts straight into a blues sounding, brilliant use of slide guitar that is accompanied by the vocals to create a very rock n roll edge. Would be perfect for driving a mustang along Route 66 with this blasting from the stereo.”

Male, 21 - Fan Review of "Anything She Wants"

“Last night, Copious Jones played a show of a lifetime at Smith’s Olde Bar. The celebration featured a large collection of their closest friends and “family” and they kept it comfortable and easy going. Singer-songwriters Donna Hopkins, Carly Gibson, B.J. Wilbanks and Julia Latimer were also there to support the band by playing one song at a time and then collaborating with one another on certain songs. One of the best parts about the night was that there was no specific set time for any of the acts. All of the musicians traded guitars and spots at the mikes throughout the whole night, keeping the music constant.”

“Ralph Roddenbery and Diane Durrett joined to bring a bit of percussion and back up before set break saw Carly Gibson and B.J. Wilbanks onto stage for a shift into a more folky sound. “I love these two, man,” Roddenberry told another patron over the din of the music and crowd.”