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“To the members of Bangor band Bizzy Gruntry, classic grunge music, be it Nirvana or otherwise, is not all that far off from country. The sentiments, the chord changes, the primal simplicity and the general outlook of both genres come from the same wellspring, at least according to Bizzy Gruntry lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tom Richmond and drummer Flash Kellish. Richmond and Kellish met last year at the Union Street Brick Church open mic in Bangor. Richmond, an Army veteran who after his service had returned to his hometown, decided to bite the bullet and play his songs at an open mic. Though he’d been writing songs for the better part of 15 years, he’d never actually performed them live. “I think Tom’s songs really spoke to me because they’re very sincere, very honest.” said Kellish”

“Tom Richmond: The muscular, raspy-voiced classic and alternative rock influenced sounds of this Army veteran are familiar to bar-goers around Bangor, and Richmond will have a night to himself at Nocturnem on Thursday, Jan. 12 — but you can catch him in the company of others on Wednesday. Richmond strays to the more traditionally rock side of things, and he often performs under the name The Worker, bringing to mind songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and James McMurtry.”

“Listening to Bizzy Grunty as the Canadian road crew load in for the 430 Bayside show tonight. Great material. The lads are saying how it sounds like a 21st century version of BTO! Certainly as solid as BTO and as modern as Band of Skulls, however their sound is not to be compared to anyone, as the vocals, use of instruments and arrangements stand alone!”

Steve Peer - 430 Bayside Review

"Grunge AND Country? This new band from the unlikely town of Bangor, MaIne is sure to melt some faces with this new genre of music! You don't want to miss these guys!"

Ben Maxon - Far Out Magazine