Creative Business / Press

“Creative Business members X*Cell & RLC are always looking to live and breath the vibes that locations around the world deliver, as seen in the groups previous singles “Head 2 Hollywood” and “CaliWestCoastal”, and that is no different with “Vacation in the Caymans”, an EP that will make you want to work in on the beach with the bikini-clad bombshells!”

“xcellmusic.com & hot16radio.com are teaming up yet again to bring a 2nd rendition of the When We Were Young series, with this one focusing specifically on the WU-TANG CLAN! Classic Ghostface, RZA, Method Man, ODB, and so many more possibilities are slated to grace this LP, along with original production sampling The Wu, and a legendary mix by the proficient DJ Black Wizard of Baltimore, MD. The song “Motivation” features Creative Business members RLC and X*Cell along with Tha Cuddy Lo getting motivated over an original from Raekwon. This is just one of many benchmarks we’ve set throughout the album to capture that true-Wu essence, but we have a few spots open for fan suggestion. What Wu-Tang classics would you like to hear re-done?”