Martins Bizarre World of Sound / Press

“Me and Spon got drunk one night... and started a band!”

Me - internet

“I quite enjoyed Silly Hag. & I'll be a roadie for you.”

Terry Arter - Email


Gorthugherda - rvn

“The Devil Plays Sundays: Well, I'll be damned - It's like being held hostage in a carnival run by a mad band conisting of highwaymen, Darth Vader, a mad organist and caliope player, all of them conspiring to cast double drunken whammy (bar) spells... cool!”

Aqualyra♥ - reverbnation


Jojo Taylor - reverbnation

“i'm an optimistic weirdo, so i had to click your optimist tune, The Optomistic Happyness Song, its crazy! I love it!! I was going to wait to visit i'm so busy, i am glad i didn't! Y'all rock!! I love a screaming guitar! best wishes and have a great week!!”

Eric Heisman and the Formation - reverbnation

“There are pills that will stop you doing this mentally ill geetar. Don't ever take them.”

Craig Griffiths - reverbnation

“We do not offer a Groupies section. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks.”

ReverbNation Staff - Feedback/Support

“never heard anything quite like it! it grows on you! didn't know you could play music to something like that.........”

Cal David - reverbnation

“Martin... did you know that we are both in the top 20 of the "HOT" rock list on here? That is global! We are also the highest from the uk. You are better than you thought! As we've all been telling you. World domination.. the brits are coming. We can do this. Ha ha ha ha”

BunChakeze and Odin of London - reverbnation

“I wish facebook had a LOVE button.”

charlware - facebook

“Rock gods?”

Yanni P the barefoot runner. - facebook

“Dude, we do have band rehearsals. However, we always arrange them to be in the past as it avoids all the musical differences and fights... and it saves us having to move our gear about too.”

Spon - bar

“85!!!! Elvis as well and truly left the building.”

DJ Sparkles - this website

“We have decided to become a cover band... but we're only going to cover songs that havent been written yet.”

Spon - a bit drunk

“Sausage into 100 mission complete!!!”

Me - this website

“Elvis Costello mission complete!”

Me - internet

“... and I've become a fan of his as that is only fair!”

Me - internet

“... plus you owe me a drink!!!”

Vickie - this website

“Yes, I am mad.”

Me - quite often

“Harold thinks its so.”

Some bloke - Skinny Hag song

“I love you guys! You have made my day. I am officially joining the "stunt guitar revolution" - and the neat thing, being broke as piss, is I already have a couple whammy bars lying around! We'll hook up on the road and do a "squeaky sound" duet. RVN will have to design a Groupie section after we pull that masterpiece off. Great stuff friends!”

Rick Frost - a proper muscian.

“Sick control of the whammy”

Peter Townend - a cool guitar player on rvn.

“A one, a two, a one, two, three ...”

spon - interweb

“If you listen very carefully, you will find its all in 4/4.”

me - drunk

“It sounds great! I didn't realise you were that talented!!!! he he”

Helen - internet

“i'm one of the fans and made rach listen to all the songs.”

Nathan - number one fan

“Referring to the squeaky bits: 'The squeaky bits; what are they for?'”

Vickie - Random gossip.

“I am a stunt guitarist. I _only_ do squeaky bits and horsey noises. They are intended to make the composition more squeaky.”

Me - Random retort

“You do horsey noises too, oohh how nice!!! ”

Vickie - beep

“It's good to be quoted on such a prestigious rock news site. When's the album out?”

Spon - Tongue-in-cheek