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Bison Bison / Press

“The above paraphrase in Portland his own power trio. I'd say that heavy fuzz rock blues roots, which the three gentlemen to give a vehemence that sometimes occur Metal - what do you turn to bloom! - His guitars. A short, half-hour game time abrasives just below their debut EP can be elemental power sliding arms acquisition designs which have resulted ancestors, such as Grand Funk Railroad , Dead Meadow , Graveyard , Black Sabbath , Electric Wizard , Sleep . The last two pre-tax basis to compare the explosive power of the songs, not the actual music ramifications should be considered. Yes, in 2012, so you have to push the sztónert well!”

“The guitar he comes extremely heavy and catchy riffs, which sometimes have as their base the stoner sound, and sometimes run on doom pattern, while the blues aura that accompanies it, gives it a psychedelic solos, vintage aesthetic that nails with each of penury.The powerful vocals which stand out for their attitude of pure rock 'n' roll, which distinguishes them have a slight punk aura that fits incredibly well with the same philosophy with them drums, which hold the slack with enviable mastery and excess temperament. The cheeky bass, which beautifully frames the groovy character, all other instruments, does not hesitate to take a leading role in Bison, Bison when circumstances require, while retro harmonica, steals the sonic performance.The creeping, vintage psychedelic compositions of Bison, Bison joins the fictional character of the blues, while the punk mentality of having heavy roots Bison, Bison makes debut stoner, compelling or otherwise, an addictive, doom ode to rock 'n' roll”

“Bison, Bison is a hard driving stoner rock band whose singer's subject matter and lazy and slightly mournful vocal delivery displays an influence of mid 00s indie rock, most evidently on the album opener "She Says". Far as I know it's the only metal song I've heard all year that mentions dancing, at least in a social context ("she says that I can't dance"). It can be a bit jarring at first, but probably only because of genre-limiting expectations. The band rocks hard and doesn't let up from beginning to end, crashing and banging through track after banging track. "Rivertown" slows things just a bit, but still offers plenty of crash and bang and establishes a nice groove over which a sing-song-y chorus is lazily chanted. Though it strays slightly from a good formula, it`s probably the standout track on the CD. Other highlights include "Waiting for Saturn" and "Sweetish" which is built around a great 70s riff which recalls both drug-era Aerosmith and Black Sabbath`s "War Pigs" and i”

“If you’re like me and have a hole in your soul that can only be filled by a night of head-banging and hazy guitar fuzz, then Bison, Bison is the band you’ve been waiting for. These Portland head-bangers play the sort of blues-infused hard rock that’s been stirring otherwise placid crowds into moshing frenzies since the first time Sabbath took the stage. But they do so with a modern edge that evokes the effect-heavy, trance-inducing influence of stoner legends such as Sleep and Kyuss. Bison, Bison released their self-titled debut last August which is full of heavy guitar tones, volcanic drumming and psychedelic bass lines that provide a track for the bluesy vocals to drive their way through the sludgy riffs. Bison, Bison is playing at Plew’s Brews on Saturday, October 27th in honor of Nofest’s Plewsapalooza. Go and enjoy an entire day of rocking North Portland bands, just don’t be surprised when you wake up with a bangover on Sunday.”

“Bison Bison also are thrusting their new one into the world. The self-titled debut sees the Portland band blazing their way through some great bong-burning guitar riffs that echo classic proto-metal and stoner rock. It's a damn kick”

“ At first I didn’t have time to listen to the album but I sampled it. The few minutes and snippets I listened to had me hooked. It’s almost like the saying “You had me at hello.” As soon as I was able to give it a full listen it was like drinking the finest wine, smoking the best weed, eating the creamiest vanilla bean cheesecake, like, well I think you get my point. The album is a winner. The album opens up with the thunderous, bass heavy, and foot stomping song “She Says.” “Blood and Sand” is a song you can groove to. It features some pretty bad ass drumming. “Waiting For Saturn” is a bit more down tuned and at times has a little touch of doom metal. “Concave” has a cool grooving guitar tone. It’s the type of song that “Rivertown” is one hell of a catchy tune. From the riffs to the chorus, this is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. “Moons” is a fuzz filled song that harkens back to earlier days of Fu Manchu. The opening riff has that f”

“BISON BISON [PDX GRUNGE] Not to be confused with Bison, Bison BC, or any of that bull, Bison Bison is a heavy-duty trio waving the flag for the NoPo hard rock scene. The star of the show is longtime local drum basher Eric Johnson, known for his stint in postgrunge local favorites Gern Blanston and local Jesus Lizard tribute Monkey Trick. Altogether, Bison Bison has plenty of experience, confidence and volume on its side. NC. Dante’s, Friday, 9:00 pm.”

Willamette Week

“If there is such a thing as a St. Johns sound, Bison Bison could be accused of embodying it. The trio evokes the North Peninsula with solid tracks of sludgy, crushing rock, rife with a sense of Northwest gothic—and one that is informed by a particularly potent fusion of hard rock elements with melodic, funky rhythms and riffs. On tracks that delve into minutes-long territory, Grant Miller delivers classically ripping guitar solos, interspersed with plaintive vocals that remind me of the fierce veneer and rough twang of the Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce. Eric Johnson provides bombastic foundation on drums, while Dylan Reilly rounds out the sound on bass, creating scorching tracks to which you can both bang your head and blissfully jam. ”

“The Pacific Northwest is home to many great bands. The music from that area of the US can only be rivaled by Ohio. Portland, OR’s Bison Bison is one to add to that growing list of excellent bands from the Pacific Northwest. They play stoner metal with an obvious doom metal tone. They sound a bit like Brokaw and sound like they could be part of Good To Die Records’ lineup. There’s only 2 tracks available to stream through their Facebook/Reverbnation pages but they are songs you must listen to!”

“[WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM] When Lewis and Clark traversed the continent, American bison—known scientifically as Bison bison—were ubiquitous: The “senery already rich pleasing and beautiful,” Lewis journaled, “was still farther heightened by immence herds of Buffaloe…which we saw in every direction.” Today, wild bison are well-nigh extinct. Portland trio Bison Bison, meanwhile, represents a band species not so much extinct as vestigial, plying their red-blooded, straight-shootin’ jams (and unself-conscious instrumental showboatsmanship) in basements and dives while awaiting the return of the once and future rock ’n’ roll. Bison Bison does stray from the herd into metalish territory—and stands out: The group won the first round of East End’s Portland Metal Winter Olympics this month.”