“The enlivened, multifaceted music guru and solo artist Bishop Wayne, from the Virgin Islands, brings a new dimension of musical artistry into R&B.”

“ When it comes to outstanding R&B, Bishop Wayne's music is in a league of its own. Bishop Wayne's independently produced CD, "I'm Just Me," is one classy musical ride, delivering to fans 16 tracks of what Bishop Wayne describes as "Alternative R&B". To elaborate further his style: it is a combination of the romantic and sexy 'old school style R&B', (in the vein of such unforgettable greats as Marvin Gaye and Al Green), combined with a more contemporary style, (Tracy Chapman, John Legend); mix in a little Santana-esque guitar work, a little Bruce Hornsby-esque piano work, backing the super smooth vocal capabilities very distinctive of Bishop Wayne's sound. One more element that is added that makes Bishop Wayne's sound unique, (even beyond the unique combination of elements so far), is the 'island vibe' mixed in, with songwriting skills comparable and reminiscent to the late, great and legendary Lucky Dube. For More Visit www.bishopwayne.com Go to Press ”