Bishops / Press

“Part shoegaze, part strident punk, Silver Lining presents few moments of hope. That’s okay, though, because they make depression sound pretty damn good…They capture a sense of urgency, a fear that maybe we’ll never reach our full potential, but we can’t afford to sit here and wait it out.”

“The members of Shepherdstown based Bishops are offering up more of the unique, catchy sounds fans know and love with a new album, Silver Lining. On the new release, the distinctive guitar riffs and poignant vocals come through in way that perhaps only a vinyl record can really capture…Continuing a tradition of passionate and honest songwriting, Bishops second album is sure to please.”

“Taken from their second full-length album Silver Lining, ‘Fix It’ seamlessly blends punk rock with a healthy dose of Americana to produce a loud and hearty tune that deals with our inability to fix ourselves.”

“The songs on the newest release are really great indie-pop cuts that have real substance and heart.”

“The first single from the trio’s sophomore LP, Silver Lining, “Morning Light” approximates a hangover through its throbbing guitar assault, pausing only briefly to allow you to peel open your eyes.”

“Becoming an adult is not a gradual process, it’s a single moment. Suddenly a switch flips and you’ve gone from being a carefree teenager to an adult with responsibilities. West Virginia based indie-rock band Bishops have lovingly crafted a soundtrack for the moment your first set of bills arrive.”

“Martinsburg’s Bishops writes rock songs with a catchy, smart simplicity. They’re familiar sounding, yet refreshing, and you aren’t quite sure what the band will do next. The newFeel Alive EP has an ebb and flow that reels you in, hooks you quietly with a wistful vibe, and then speeds up and gets your head bobbing. It’s a pleasant ride that you’ll be glad you took. The vocal melodies, guitar riffs, and lyrics—especially on “I Wanna Marry Rock And Roll” and “When Will I Die?”—are certain to linger in your head.”

“Would you believe that if Demon Beat bassist Tucker Riggleman recruited cohort Adam Meisterhans to shred in his nascent garage rock band with Paul Cogle (Nagato/Vox Populi) that the result would be killer? Riggleman’s own singing and songwriting efforts pre-date his involvement in The Demon Beat and Prison Book Club, and hearing songs like the opener, “My Own Way,” “Happy,” and “Shit Happens” will likely excite fans of both groups. How many Demon Beat side projects can there be? Never enough! Talented dudes, each, and it’s Riggleman’s chance to stand out here.”

“Bishops is a relatively new band out of Martinsburg, WV, yet while new it’s composed of a few familiar faces: Tucker Riggleman and Adam Meisterhans of The Demon Beat. Alongside Paul Cogle and Andrew Ford, Bishops supplies more of that traditional rock ‘n’ roll sound. It’s unpretentious yet heartfelt, and it’s certainly something anyone can grab onto.”

“I think what I like most about the low-fi indie rock on Bishops new album is that it’s completely non pretentious. The lyrics are meaningful and the drum rhythms, bass lines, and guitar riff welcomingly familiar rock favorites. Bishops proves you don’t have to be the Frank Sinatra of singing or the Jimi Hendrix of guitar playing (although Adams can rip on guitar any time he wants) to be a great band. You just have to believe in your guts and soul and be willing to put yourself on the line.”