Bishop & GrayHarr / Press

"Fine piece of production. Wonderful music. And from the very first cut you'll say, 'Whoa, man, this girl can sing!"

"Fine piece of production. Wonderful music. And from the very first cut you'll say, "Whoa! man, this girl can sing!"

Dave Carter - Studio One on WETS

"...we had no idea what to expect. What we heard was amazing talent! These songs cover can entire spectrum of human emotion. The great instrumental work is just icing on the cake of their vocals. Check our B&GH. Go see them perform live and pick up your very own copy of "Being Human"!!! We're sure you'll enjoy it!!! If you don't, you just might be a critter."

Linda Wright & Kenneth Berrier - The LocalGrass Radio Show

"They have developed their niche- Humacana. There are touches of Celtic, country, a little bit of classical music, and old-time, all blended together. From start to end, the album is a journey through genres with themes ranging from funny critters to painful memories.

Amanda Marsh - Kingsport Times-News, Sunday Stories

"I have listened to the CD and I LOVE IT! You guys are great! Keep up the great work. You are definitely on the right track."

“Clever lyrics and well sung.”

Stephen Veritas - Facebook

"Great lyrics. Great melodies". "Beautifully written, beautiful melodies, and beautiful voice!" "This is the music I've been waiting to hear" "I feel like I know you thru your songs."

Comments from professional writers at SongFood Writing Event 2013

“Their music would be less with more. The writing feels organic and genuine. Taking cues from anywhere, anyone and anything that might enhance the flavor, their collaboration has produced a collection of emotional yet cerebral, carnal yet ethereal, eclectic yet very original music. Bishop & GrayHarr's Humacana may have hit on the one thing we all have in common - we're different. As a first album, "Being Human" succeeds at offering us a chance for musical kinship.”

C.A. Kieser - Songwriter

"I got present in the mail today! Whoopee, Christmas came early. I got to listen to almost all of the recording and I found great music and entertainment. Storytelling, I say! Thank you, Dwight and Cyndee. Mighty fine, boy howdy! And good materials too! I hope you get more work than you want!

Tommy Bledsoe - President, St. Johns County (FL) Cultural Council