The Biscuit Grabbers / Press

“...Austin's dancetastically swinging rockabilly sensations, THE BISCUIT GRABBERS...”


“2011/RHYTHM BOMB) 13 tracks (41:44) recorded at Sellar Door Studio in Austin. Laid back and jazzy swingers (incl. instrumentals) from this great new Texas Trio. A fantastic mixture of Western Swing and Roots Rock & Roll music!!”

Bear Family Records

“ The Biscuit Grabbers are three musicians dedicated to music 'that swings' who got together when on tour with other bands in Holland. The outcome was this quite amazing CD of western swing and hillbilly boogie recorded back home in Austin, Texas. No fewer than eight other musicians were involved although at any one time The Biscuit Grabbers were recorded as a trio - mainly drums, upright bass and guitar. Leader Huck Johnson, former bass player with Wayne Hancock, wrote many of the songs. Other tracks include Bob Wills, Leon McAuliffe and Skeets McDonald numbers. The quality of the recording is absolutely superb. Each instrument comes across as clear as a bell. Living up to the billing as 'The lone Star State Jazz Swing Trio', the musicians are given the freedom and space to extemporise. Yet for all the individuality the band swings as one. The appeal is as cerebral as it is emotional.”

Chris Woodford - UK music magazine Now Dig This. Dec 11'