Birth A.D. / Press

“(9.5/10) If you’re tired of wearing that polite and politically correct mask in order to survive in this overly sensitive and corrupt society, then Birth A.D. is definitely a pissed off enough voice to save you from breaking down and culling the herd.”

“Birth AD has created a modern day sound track for civil unrest.”

“The great thing about Birth AD, and what connects them more deeply to the subgenre they’re working in is the sense of fun – there’s just something in the snotty delivery, the gang shouts and the relentless, effusive energy of the band that makes it hard to keep a straight face.”

“(8.5/10) "I Blame You" is everything a crossover album should be, and more. The band’s undeniable and infectious energy will have you caught in a mosh from start to finish.”

“The music [on "I Blame You"] is top-notch, well-performed highly memorable and so damn good!”

“Rampaging and snarling with a potency and aggressive attack which recalls the richest essences of the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag, and S.O.D., US antagonizers Birth AD and their debut album I Blame You, is one riot to be in on at the earliest opportunity.”

“'Stillbirth Of A Nation' is everything current acts such as Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust and other thrash-aping act wish they could be without so much as ruffling their denim-covered leather. (rating - 10 out of 10”

“If you're looking for a quick, catchy, and pissed-off burst of thrash, look no further than Birth AD's debut release 'Stillbirth of a Nation'.”

“Awesome thrash but not retro. It's alive!”

Sputnik Music

“Birth AD revitalize thrash with youthful energy and warlike joy in destruction”

“This is punk. This is thrash. This is excellent.”

“They'll pat you on the back and knife you in the front. It's good unfriendly violent fun!”

“Stillbirth of a Nation is the first salvo in the resurrection of the thrash genre, and taking it out of the hands of nostalgia into a living, current form.”