Birgit Kuit / Press

“Kuit's songs are thoughtful celebrations of the beauty of nature and the intricacies of human relationships. Loudly proclaiming her intention to follow her dreams, she challenges listeners to do the same.”

“The songs on Birgit’s CD offer a sweet balance of worldly wisdom, romantic flair and social insight…very ably delivered by one of the finest female singers I’ve heard in a while. Birgit’s expressive vocals embrace the touch & technique of a wide range of fine artists…from Fleetwood Mac’s more acoustic leanings, to traces of Shaun Colvin, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins….Likewise, Birgit’s inventive guitar work is also exceptionally-melodic, accurate and percussively-precise.”

“Fellow canuck and certainly worthy of the accolades and respect of her peers Birgit brings us a refreshing and engaging quality to with her folky country influenced groove. Big voiced and rich tonal qualities are the earmarks of this natural singer.”

“Really wonderful piece in songcrafting in "I feel a River". Birgit captures your soul and ear with her strong well controlled vocals, stellar production and musicianship are the hallmarks of this artist. Engaging lyrics, nice touches with tasty guitar.”