Bird Radio / Press

"Oh, Happy England...is folk-horror of the darkest hue... the effect is thrilling, rather than alienating. Bird Radio inhabits these supernatural texts with theatrical relish, his voice soaring like Scott Walker over the simmering intensity of Laura Moody’s cello, while his eloquent flute wordlessly conveys the character’s inner torments. The musical settings are subtle, percussive and dramatically dynamic and Bird Radio fulfils his early promise as a musical storyteller of rare power..."

Steve Hunt - fRoots

"...innovative approach to songwriting...rich array of sonic experiments"

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) - Personal Letter

““...a worthy nod to Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and lest we forget, Jethro Tull. A robust, musically challenging piece with a significant focus on folklore (note the traditional ‘Who Killed Cock Robin?’) and wild imagination (as heard on the free-flowing rhythm of ‘Tie String’). This is an illustrious record to say the least”.”

"Herefordshire's Mikey Kirkpatrick loops flutes, bones, a red kick drum suitcase and his own very un-ethereal vocals to create an intensely curious mash-up between electronic music and traditional folk tales".


“Bird Radio is a flute-toting, bass drum-beating sensation...A must-see live act.”

Rick Pearson, Freelance Journalist

““Bird Radio is Future Medieval, as if J.G. Ballard had written The Wicker Man”.”

Steve Chandra Savale - Asian Dub Foundation