Birch Hill Dam / Press

“Massachusetts' Birch Hill Dam threw me for a loop when I heard their self-titled album. I absolutely fell in love with this band's music. I stand by the statement I made then that “Birch Hill Dam have monster grooves that will roll you over like that boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Much like on their debut album Birch Hill Dam make good use of their time. Less is so much more; just because you can fit 80 minutes worth of music onto an album- doesn’t mean you have to. Quality over quantity wins each and every time. Birch Hill Dam knocked it out of the park so to speak with Colossus which has proved to be an earth moving monstrosity of epic proportions.”

“This just in: Birch Hill Dam in Massachusetts is at its highest flood stage since 2008. The US Army Corps of Engineers has opened the floodgates once again and thick rock/metal is now overflowing into the surrounding area and across much of the world. All residents are advised to enjoy every bit of it. I know I am. I feel Colossus, the sophomore album by Birch Hill Dam, is just that - it's titanic. I love the chunky, southern-influenced metal riffs and heavy-duty drumming by Sam Barrett and Matt Neely. Mike Nygard is dynamic and he can sing any style he wants, but what really blows me away is the gnarly bass-playing by Pete Gelles. I think he's is such a standout on this album. I told you a while back about some rookie starters who I added to my rock/metal roster. Well, Birch Hill Dam have worked their asses off and they're my new starting forward right now. Listen to Colossus (June '11) for yourself at Bandcamp and then buy the album if you haven't already. And tell your friends.”

"Now check this out!" proclaims Birch Hill Dam's lead man Mike Nygard on Colossus' title track. Birch Hill Dam are a four piece from Gardner, Massachusetts, but generate a groovy sound suggestive of southern metaler's Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, and Pantera. Vocals are sung cleanly throughout Colossus, but Mike will release a Massachusetts hardcore scream sporadically [and perfectly timed]. Sam Barrett [guitars], Matt Neely [drums], and Pete Gelles [bass] accent each other and Mike's vocals, resulting in a colossal noise. A noise that can only lead to one, beer, two, head banging and three, driving ridiculously fast. If you are looking for some heavy southern inspired metal, a drag of stoner rock, and catchy hooks Birch Hill Dam will not disappoint.

“How about some hard rocking southern metal for today? Well if that’s your cup of tea, then Fitchburg, Massachusetts’ own Birch Hill Dam is right up your alley. They have recently released their latest album Colossus for download through Bandcamp. Colossus is 50% part hard rock, 50% part southern metal and 100% kick ass. At times, it even feels a little bit sludgy with “Slavedriver” and gets groovy like with the track “Threatening Skies.” It’s a little bit heavier than a Devil to Pay album, on par with a Forged in Flame album and at times, a little like Down. The band isn’t afraid to let it all out and have a good time with it as it shows in the music. It was well written and mastered and the quality of the album is pretty damn good. This is an enjoyable album, especially if you like your music up and in your face the entire time. You can stream the entire album (below) and get your own copy from their Bandcamp page.”

“Nomen est omen. This album is colossal. Birch Hill Dam is a heavy rock band from Massachusetts and they released their sophomore album Colossus. The music on Colossus takes the same line as Alabama Thunderpussy, House of Broken Promises and Down of course. Colossus comes straight from the heart with 100 percent groove, roaring growls, southern guitar solo for which Pepper Keenan hasn't to be ashamed of and now and then Birch Hill Dam embed a 70's hard rock organ into their sound. Birch Hill Dam flex their muscles. Stoner southern metal at full throttle kicks your ass with the sound of a V8 engine. Let’s burn rubber, baby!”

“Holy shit, are these guys brutal. It’s the first thing I thought when I heard them at the Middle East in Cambridge and it’s only reinforced listening to their album. And this is coming from a guy who’s got plenty of metal in his veins. The album starts with a punch to the teeth and a kick to the spine, and keeps going from there. You can’t keep this on anything less than 11 if you want to really appreciate it. Vocalist Mike Nygard’s somewhat gravelly voice runs right alongside the pulsing drum work of Matt Neely, the ripping bass of Pete Gelles, and Sam Barrett’s shredding guitar. Big props go to Damage Studios for the crystal clear sound of Colossus. This album doesn’t lose a step throughout all nine floor-punching tracks. While not all the songs are fast-paced, every one bleeds raw sound and gives the audience some musical gristle to chew on. This one’s pure power, and if you ever have the pleasure of catching Birch Hill Dam live, I dare you to try and stand still. Ca”

“Birch Hill Dam is a stoner/doom/southern metal band from the north (North Billerica, MA) and apparently they are currently unsigned. After giving a listen to “Colossus” I cannot imagine they will stay unsigned long. This has got to be one of the best independent releases I’ve heard in awhile. If you told me this album came out on a label I wouldn’t think twice about it; “Colossus” sounds a lot better than albums I’ve heard from good sized labels, so congrats to them on a job well done. I highly recommend this album (which you can pick up on iTunes BTW). Somebody please sign these guys!”

".....stand out tracks “Thunderbuns Malone” and “Searching for Mercy” feature the strongest songwriting and barroom brawl-inducing riffs. Fuzzed out guitar shredding chicanery, jackhammer drums… you get the picture."

"You’ll smell the burning asphalt on the also revisited, “Gasoline Fiend”; a lightning quick stoner burst packing a helluva groove and mighty chorus. If Fu Manchu hasn’t had you in the mood to get on the road recently then this will be your new soundtrack."

"I find Birch Hill Dam to be a breath of fresh air and a change of pace from the generic, predictable post nu-metal core that has become the current trend. Birch Hill Dam is an impressive band and they delivered one hell of an impressive record that I think you should all check out."

".....The name was the first thing that caught me on this one. I like it: different, geographical, can stand the test of time, not getting dated. And the music deserves it."

".....The only flaw i found in this release is that it made me leave my house and go out to buy more beers! Excellent stuff guys!"

".....Keeping your head too close to the speakers while "Bed of Nails," plays is akin to holding one ear next to a howitzer cannon. "Seedling," erupts out next, nary a missed beat, disintegrating any grey matter that happens to be left behind."

".....the best way to describe their sound is that they are very organic rock n roll that's heavily distorted, gritty, dirty, rough around the edges, & the music on this cd is pure, simple, honest to god rock n roll...no polished pop, no hit singles, no bs., just good hard rock music!"