Biotoxic Warfare / Press

“If “Lobotomized” is a sign for all the good albums that are to come in 2015, then I cannot fucking wait. The debut album from Greek death/thrash metallers Biotoxic Warfare is an album that will physically make you want to get in a fight with someone because this music has the energy to make you feel invincible.”

Metal Addicts

“With just eight tracks clocking in at around forty minutes, Lobotomized doesn’t overstay its welcome, nor does it go on long enough to require an irritating thrash ballad so that the listener can rest their weary ears. Instead we get eight shots of pure aggression, and sometimes that’s all you want from a record. No pretention, no over the top effects, just pure and simple thrash.”

Sound The Charge!

“The riffs are downright menacing, the drums are chaotic, yet tight , and the vocals are some of the most rabid and furious I’ve heard from a newer thrash band.And the guitar solos – holy smokes, y’all, the soloing is indescribably beautiful and ominous, flowing in, out, above, below, and directly through the monstrous wall of sound.”

Global Thrash Assault

“With a sound that at once mixes old school death metal with even older school thrash Biotoxic Warfare have an evil sound with a punishing drive that shows a band who are ready to start up mosh pits and bust skulls across the globe.”

Two Guys Metal Reviews