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“:Interview/Concert Review: Compliance Tour 2016 – Snog, The Labrynth, Solypsis, Biostatic, DJ Mudwulf – April 7, 2016 – Denver, CO. We’re fortunate in Denver to have such a strong music scene with a litany of artists that are suited to support any national band. One such local is Wesley Davis who has in the past organized festivals which showcase electronic music, and he’s also an accomplished musician in his own right. On this night, his project Biostatic brought elegant ambient swells with a lovely trumpet accompaniment and just the right amount of spoken samples that lulled you into a truly peaceful place. Just as you drift though, something…something brings you back”

“This was an outstanding year for experimental music in Denver. Listed below are a number of noteworthy local releases from 2015 that reflect the scene’s diversity and depth. The fact that there are a couple dozen excellent projects here hints at greater things to come in 2016, especially as several of the artists behind them develop and become more widely known outside of Colorado.”

“Denver's Experimental Music Scene Is Exploding — Here Are 56 Reasons Why”

“Bios+a+ic, with Jewkes on guitar playing to Wesley Davis' melancholy, processed trumpet was like ambient jazz, the sound of a late night lounge in an east coast near future, science fiction film noir.”

“Certainly the music showcased at Textures is often meditative and soothing, but the sheer diversity of the genre as exists in Denver ensures that no edition of Textures is boring. When Wesley Davis decided to reboot his Textures: Ambient Music Showcase in 2013, after its 2009-to-2012 run at Gypsy House Café, he wanted it to take place at a venue that might expose that music to people who weren't necessarily seeking it out. He found the perfect venue in Mutiny Information Cafe, located on a busy corner in the middle of Denver. Since June 2014, every last Sunday of the month, Textures has featured some of the best local artists making music that can loosely be considered ambient.”

“Since 2007, The Transistor Festival has been bringing together Denver's experimental electronic scene in what has since become a massive three-day festival in the dead center of summer.”

“We had a chance to speak with Wesley Davis, whose own projects cloudLanD and Entropic Advance, will also be performing, about the festival, his own background in making music as well as his experience being an electronic musician in Seattle who ultimately decided to move to Denver.”

"This is excellent dark-ambient meditation on the ongoing struggle in Iraq, combining news samples, dark and noise-laden drones, tribal beats, chanting, and other layers of texture into a flowing series of brooding soundscapes. As for the quality and direction of the pieces, there are strong echoes of the work of Rapoon, Voice of Eye, Aube, and Scanner in particular. Highly recommended."


"Parallels can be drawn to such textural sound artists as MUSLIMGAUZE or O YUKI CONJUGATE, but bios+a+ic comes from an entirely different headspace. Political, yes, but 'Blood For Oil' also serves as an excellent (if unsettling) document of the whole debacle that is the war/occupation. Absolutely effective (especially the masterful 24-minute opening track) and a highly recommended release."


“bios+a+ic's soothing yet forboding drone is uberminimalist but uberaddictive. "blood_for_oil" is an audio universe once could easily get lost in, adrift, a place that is dark but comforting and from which you'd never want to leave.”

"Super deep dark drone, absolutely stunning, narcotic and hypnotic."

Your Imaginary Friend

“Texture Blue CD tunnels through inner space with a microcosmic, mystical richness. This is music for new, alien rituals or soundtracks for 22nd-century science-fiction films. It's at once amorphously disturbing and chillingly tranquil.”

Dave Segal - the stranger, vol 13 No 26