Bingham Willoughby / Press

“Looking like the lost son of Andy Warhol, he cuts the typical lanky figure of a romantic poet, with music and words to match.”

“Channelling a strange, but enjoyable mix of Lou Reed, Neil Young and Johnny Marr, Bing is a true independent artist with a great pop sensibility. Home recorded in the wilderness of Canada, his collection “Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow”, has vast cinematic storytelling lyrics with some lush acoustic arrangements. His greatest asset is a dark, brooding vocal style, much like Reed, that is both atmospheric and playful.”

“Bing has a great beginning with this groundbreaking work. A truly gifted Canadian songwriter.”

“We came upon Bingham Willoughby's music and sat back a little stunned. Here was a new artistic voice, unfamiliar yet intimate in its approach and impact. Accessible, poetic and conversational lyrics engage the listener in surprising ways. Atmospheric arrangements and unique vocal choices mark each cut. Bingham, Ontario based, left the city, escaped into the Canadian countryside and recorded his debut CD, "Maybe Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow". He wrote, sang, played every instrument, and self-produced the project. Bingham Willoughby is an Artist to watch.”

"A fantastic new artist from Canada who’s music can be likened to The Smiths or Neil Young, or any of the great folk performers and song-writers you can imagine – yet somehow he doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before. A truly original artist with an eclectic style and feel, who can weave stories with the finest detail and bring you on some very beautiful sound scapes."

“This is moody pensive music with a Velvet Underground twinkle and maybe some Belle and Sebastian.”

“Bingham Willoughby | perceives more than mere mortals | His songs freeze beauty. Introducing rock-poet, Bingham Willoughby.”

“It is alternately, romantic, personal, rocking, and epic, with each mood individually represented by its own melodic approach, lyrical imagery, and vocal delivery. The guitar work and production is reminiscent of JJ Cale and Neil Young on several songs in this new batch, and since few artists have made such a virtue out of minimal arrangements, Bing is sitting pretty.”