Bing Futch / Press

"He plays the dulcimer like Jimi Hendrix. He has this ability to communicate a sensual energy when he's onstage" - Tom Shed, Florida Folk Festival organizer

Florida Folk Festival

"His concerts are inventive, creative and entertaining as he captures the crowd with his songs."

Kerry Coates - GNLD International

"Bing is a terrific entertainer and instructor. He is full of energy and his talent never ceases to amaze!"

Lee Cagle - Memphis Dulcimer Gathering

"It doesn’t get much cooler than Bing Futch when it comes to hot electric dulcimer action..."


"Sit back, light the pipe and enjoy...very cool stuff."

"Pure entertainment!"

Patrick Sheehy - Kill Your FM

"A master of the mountain dulcimer, Futch creates an organic sound."

Connections Magazine

"One of the younger stars of the burgeoning mountain dulcimer scene..."

Chilly Winds

"He enchanted our audience with deft instrumental skill, a beautiful voice and great stories."

Bill Hooson - Hoosonanny

"Bing Futch is one of the most talented musicians on the face of the planet."

Midwest Uke Fest

"Bing Futch's new 'Dulcimer Rock' CD takes you on a journey through both his roots and some exciting, rarely explored territory."

Sam Edelston - Dulcimer Players News

"Spend a little time listening or playing music with Bing, and I challenge you not to smile."

Dan Landrum - Dulcimer Players News

"Musical Tabasco!"

The Orlando Weekly

"Bing Futch doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype of a rocking chair-sitting, overalls-clad mountain man, strumming a dulcimer on the porch of some backwoods cabin."

Steve Wildsmith - The Daily Times

"...a high-energy solo performer and frontman."

Dean Rezzen - Music Connection

"an awesome MD player and performer."

Red River Valley Dulcimer Club

"The music is straight-up beautiful, but moreover it seems to be a culmination of [his] musical endeavors up to this point."

"Beyond anything I have ever heard alive or recorded."