BILOXI / Press

“Recently their label MTM went bankrupt and much worse, original lead singer/guitarist CLYDE HOLLY passed away and this nee BILOXI CD is dedicated to him. MARK ALLEN LANOUE (known for his solo-records and MESSAGE) replaced him (although Clyde can be heard singing on 2 songs and playing guitar on 5 tracks) on this new 14 tracks counting BILOXI CD. Mark's a great singer/guitarist and makes this new BILOXI album the best one next to their mini-debut CD from 15+ years ago.”

“Big up's goes to the Biloxi band members Mark, Rob, Dave and Stefan for keeping the fires burning. 'Biloxi III' also has a title 'In The Wake Of The Storm'. One could assume this relates to the devastation bought on by Katrina. But equally so the passing of Clyde - a devastation of a different and more personal kind.”

“Titled “In The Wake Of The Storm” – due to the impact that hurricane Katrina has had on the lives of all Americans – the album is more than a worthy follow-up of “Right The Music”.”

“BILOXI’s “In The Wake of the Storm” does not disappoint. If you’re a fan of AOR or melodic rock, make sure this one finds itself into your collection.”