Billy Wallace and the Virginia Blues / Press

“Wallace is an exceptional songwriter... penning timeless songs about universal truths in a way that are both poetic and forthright, genuine and articulate. His sometimes warbly voice has an endearing quality ... and the confessional style songwriting never seems contrived... absolutely essential.”

“Stellar CD casing (the art is stupendous) and equally fine music within. Wallace does the old-timey bit with pitch-perfect arrangements and instrumentation. His decidedly offbeat vocals (think a raspier Shel Silverstein) make these songs transcendent.”

“If Wallace lacks anything, it certainly isn't authenticity. TRSMO is miles away from the polished country of today or even folkier end of the spectrum that young punks have embraced... Without a trace of a smirk Wallace has fashioned a tribute to a long out of fashion style and has done it justice.”

Matthew Austin - 30 Music

“What Wallace does right on his debut full-length album is that he takes the formula and promptly turns it on its ear...it seems that this well-traveled musician is in on the joke, as his down-and-dirty odes from the road are actually quite self-aware...”

“Vintage sounding music that I might picture being played during the less-raucous operating hours of a dusty saloon. It’s a bit twangy, a bit ragtime, very traditional and authentic sounding...a rambling affair where no song really accelerates past a slow honky-tonk trot, and that’s fine with me”