Billy.T. / Press

“Dope tracks bro, like your flow...really liking "Her Love & Not Anymore", dope beats, vocals & lyrics!-Dave”

Audio-Knoxx Productions

“Daaaaamn homie!! you got a deep catalog of flows and hits on reverb. Tight work! Feelin the bounce flow on "Billy Tolle". U got something sick for the game here. Thanks again for playing my crazy-ass music!”


“Don't it Ohio reppah, salute from the Zoo69Reppah. And you right, sometimes you just gotta let things go. nice!!!! thanks for your craft.”

A.T.G aka ZooRilla Thezoo69Reppah

“letting go is very heart filled..keep following ur dreams rememberin perfecting ur craft & the rght investments r essential”


“Letting Go is my favorite track. I will share your music. Continue checking out my music as well. Peace n luv, Vonne'”


“Dear Billy, So beautiful and great music. Impressive! absolutely love your world. Peace & Love Ryo,”

Ryo Utasato

“tight shit homie! gotz me tuned in..Reality...”


“First let me say Good Music. Respect. Im Dame Stacks Artist/Producer and im on a networking mission”

Dame Stacks

“Hey Billy, you got some real COOL beats! NICE!!! All the best with your music. T F”

The Fores

“Your Great Boss! Superb! You rule!”

Roses for Grace

“right now" rythmic, great lyrics and good vocals.Such a pleasure listening to your work. Friendship, Stephanie(Erudite)♥”


“We have to link up for sure.”

Timothy Westbrook II

“Hey Billy T !! Very tight and very well produced and put together tracks !! very cool !! keep it up !! all the best and thnaks so much for the support..Jen ~ Australia ~”

Hillbilly Dix

“Aloha from Hawaii. Billy T. comparing himself to Shakespeare? Bad ass...”

Smack Dab

“Droppin' by to listen and show some respect. Love the production.”

Johnson Ramm

“cross that line is the shit man”


“Your music is the shit! Most Dayton rappers suck! Nice to finally hear 1 that doesn't!”

Britney Marie

“i been waitin for some new shit man! let me know when you get some new tracks up”

James Daniels

“another round goes hard man keep it up!”


“Damn Whiteboy. I'm feelin your style though. You got talent. And I don't know who "Lethal Poet" is but he's really good also. I hope you boys are pushin this music hard. You could make it some where. It seems like you can do a few different styles, you ain't just stickin to the same shit. Your hard songs go hard and your love songs are really good. You can tell a lot of heart goes into your music.”

Bossman Shawn

“another round goes hard dude good shit”

James Daniels

“Omg! That song "They'll Find Out" is so sweet. I love it.”


“I like wat you did with Lupe Fiasco's song man. You got major talent. I ain't heard one of your songs that I don't like!”


“u got it dog u need to get signed why are u not u got to push these songs”

The Caterer

“I Have Downloaded All Of Your Songs. You Are Really Good!”


“Your music is very good. You've got a lot of talent!”


“yo that song till your throat gets sore is hard as fuck man all your shit sounds like i need to hearin it off the radio and shit”

James Daniels

“u the best white boy rapper i heard since eminem for real ur songs are hard and ur lyrics are crazy keep it man”


“your shit goes hard for real!!!!!!! i was blastin that till my throat gets sore shit i was like hell naw!!!! lmao”


“I love never part it is so cute”


“oh girl im not lucky..im the "luckiest" lol i loves my man! and all my songs!! :)”


“oh and, your luv songs is the shit....."billybabyy" yous a lucky girl, not many bitches be gettin luv song written about em, and you gots a few!”


“real talk......yous a good ass white boy rapper! lmao i be hearin white boys tryin to rap all da time and usually they be fuckin suckin though. you got some skills boy, keep at it!”


“i never made it sounds alot like my life man good song”


"I Already Knew" and "I Swear" are so amazingly beautiful!! no one could ever write better love songs baby!! mwah!!!


“hey ur music is super good! ur a fantastic artist! your love songs are super sweet :) and ur hard songs couldnt go harder! ur my favorite rapper ever! you kno im ur biggest fan! i love you boy!”


“I listened to a few of your songs & OMG you're so good & so different than everyone else. Your songs are so real, you can tell that you write about real shit. I really like your stuff. Keep Posting!!!!!!”


“I love you baby daddy :)”


“dont go makes me want to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are very good”


“I'm Lovin That Song "I Swear" Very Cute :]”


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Luxus Beats

“yo that track through my eyes goes hard homie! you got some real nice music up here real talk, let me know when you add some more mane”

7-Eleven Beats