Billy Sidwell / Press

“Summer's heating up and Vintage Vinyl is ready for some good ol' country music and we're pretty excited about rising country singer/songwriter Billy Sidwell bringing us some! Born in a small Southern Illinois town, he has been writing and performing as a solo artist since 2009 and has built his fanbase the smart way, one fan at a time. With stand out lyrics and the music to back them, the days of being a regional fan favorite are numbered.”

“I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with aspiring country artist Billy Sidwell on Facebook and Twitter months ago. The thing that makes Billy stand out to me is his lyrics. As you hear them you feel the experience and emotions behind them. These words invoke images that are so clear, so vivid, you feel as though you are right there experiencing them with him.”

“Billy has been a rock musician for most of his life,but his newest endeavor -a country music album- will take him into the recording studio this fall. New beginnings are in store , and insider573 will continue to follow his story as we go into the recording studio with billy this fall . Be sure to visit www.insider573.com for videos,photos,& sound clips of Billy Sidwell in the near future”