Billy Rath's Street Pirates / Press

“Mister Trippy From Paradise Row To A Rock & Roll Toilet On Thursday (17 November 2011) I went to the opening of Margarita Gluzberg’s Avenue Des Gobelins. For 2011 her focus is photography. Gluzberg’s opening was busy and there was an after party at Chinawhite. I didn’t make it to Chinawhite. Instead I headed to The 12 Bar – a rock and roll dive on Denmark Street. Former Hearthbreakers’ bassist Billy Rath was playing. He had with him a pick-up band consisting of Chris Low on drums and Nuno Viriato on guitar. Among the select crowd present the arrival onstage of Billy Rath’s Street Pirates was greeted with rapturous applause. . The audience were ecstatic. I left The 12 Bar with a grin on my face and confident that I’d made the right choice in ducking out of the Chinawhite party.”

“Anonymous said... No, one of the top rock and roll albums ever made, period! LAMF holds its own next to any Stones LP in my opinion. And Mr Rath's bass playing -on LAMF or anything else- is a prime example of r & b based rock and roll. October 12, 2011 1:53 PM ”


“Anonymous said... Billy - you are awesome - never forget when you guys invaded the UK and blew all our bands out of the water - back in '77 - Heartbreakers were the greatest!!! and man - Leee did a fantastic job of managing you guys - not an easy task to be sure - trying to get u guys in one place - remember the flat in Islington!!! Greg ”