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"Billy Hector is, was, and always will be NJ's greatest guitarist. He has never let me down, he plays 5 or 6 nights a week and doesn't play the usual bar blues covers you hear from most other dudes, he plays 90 percent originals. I can't say enough great things about him, he's one of NJ's greatest treasures. He just asked me to play on his new album, it's a great honor since I've never seen him even have another guitarist sit in with him. If you need Fender Therapy, I highly recommend you go check out Billy somewhere.'' Dean Ween http://www.billyhector.com/ Billy Hector | Billy Hector www.billyhector.com award-winning guitarist and songwriter

Deen Ween - face book

"when someone consistently delivers for a few years, it's worth taking notice. When someone brings it night after night for decades, that's legendary. Billy Hector is a legend."

Alex Biese - Asbury Park Press

“Hector is hailed around these parts as a killer blues player, and there’s plenty of material on “Choice Cuts” to back up that claim: the album’s high point is a smoldering take on “Old School Thang” from the live album “Stonehenge,” recorded at the Stonehenge Festival in Linvale in 2002. Featuring Hector on guitar, Winston Roye on bass, Rich Monica on drums and a guest appearance by Ken “Stringbean“ Sorensen on harmonica, the track shows Hector and his band at the height of their powers, and should serve as a fine primer for what to expect on Saturday night at the Wonder Bar. Other selections on “Choice Cuts” show that Hector’s skills transcend the blues: “Sally Said” from the “Hard to Please” album is an Eagles-style country rocker, “Wild at Heart” boasts a vocal from Suzan Lastovica and shows Hector’s softer side and the new tune, “Callin’ on Love,” seems to exist at an intersection between Celtic roots and psychedelic rock”

"At the front of this exploding blues mayhem is Billy Hector, whose fingers fly up and down his guitar with such authority that he should carry a badge. The slide work that Hector lays down is sneaky and deadly."

Howard Glassman - Buzz

"Hector covers all bases flawlessly, with his own gut wrenching yet intelligent soloing".

Richie Begin - Santa Cruz Times

"Hector plays with guts and displays some of the best chops you'll see anywhere".

Bob Makin - East Coast Rocker

"The one who carries the torch after so many others have fallen away".

"Roger will drive for hours to see his shows, calls it his Billy fix. Winston calls him The Professor".