Billy D William / Press

“Fake Flowers Real Dirt combines a mixture of old school funk with a contemporary sound on their self titled, four song EP release. This nine piece band lays down a serious foundation of grooves, through the use of driving bass lines, thick keyboard patches, and funky horn stabs, as they twist and turn their way through a myriad of styles and tempos. The band introduces their distinctive sound on “Bullets Thru The Fire”, with a 6/8 ride cymbal jazz waltz that quickly becomes an organic uptempo jam, filled with electronic patches and vocals reminiscent of Soul Coughing. “On the One,” combines a syncopated drum beat section that has the feel of Maroon Five’s “This Love”, with a heavy soul influenced verse that highlights vocalist Billy D. Williams laid back delivery and vocal style. This heavily arranged tune, features soulful breakdowns, heavy horn lines, and a keyboard solo by Paul Haney that feels like it could quote P-Funk at any moment.”

"Altogether an impressive first album, Lessons just scratches the surface of the band's musical range. That is best demonstrated in concert as each member grows increasingly more animated as the show progresses. The energy is infectious.

Kate Nolan - Towson Times

“The Big Hurt's "All I Know" has an upbeat rhythm that I love more and more each time I hear it. The group's easygoing sound comfortably combines funk, jazz and hip-hop influences. Lead vocalist Billy Martin says he is inspired by Led Zeppelin, Sublime and Incubus, and we can hear it all in the music. This Maryland band released their most recent album, "Lessons," in October of 2005, and more tracks from that record are available on Napster and iTunes. The bongos on "All I Know" are an interesting touch, and the presence of both a drummer and a percussionist creates a complex, layered sound. It only gets better when they break out the unexpectedly delightful duo of harmonica and turntables. The funky guitar and smooth vocals combine with the rhythm section to power a perfect tune for driving around with the windows down.”

“After receiving this hand-delivered CD, I have had it on replay trying to choose my favorite songs. Each song is a head-bobbing, foot-tapping and body-grooving manipulator. 8 Ohms, from Annapolis, is on tour in support of their debut album, “Superheavy,” which was released July 2011 on Pineapple Koi Records. After seeing the band live at Das Best Oktoberfest 2011, I can assure you their live show will blow you away. This 14 track masterpiece satisfies with Horn Heavy Funk with the perfect touch of Reggae, Go-Go, Hip-Hop and a generous helping of Soul. This nonet is comprised of Billy Martin on guitar/vox, Kevin Basiliko on alto/baritone sax, Curtis Lester on guitar, Nick Reider on trumpet, Morgan Russell on tenor sax, Ben Gilbert on bass, Matt Costello on percussion, Marty Weiss on drums and newest member Brad Gunson on trombone. Like their album, listeners can expect an abundant stage with an earful of blissful, solid compositions.”

“Within the first few moments of pushing play, I knew I had in my hands and radiating through my ears a compilation of tunes which completely defines unique and amazing! 8 ohms band has created an album harmonizing old school with new, in such an original way, it's incomparable to today's music. A true rarity to say the least, this music could appease any person with even the smallest amount of an eclectic taste for music. A fusion of funk and soul are at the very core of each song's heart. Touches of big band, hip-hop, and reggae pulsate through-out... I think it's literally impossible to sit entirely still while groovin' to ANY ONE of the 12 tracks included. Whether your laid back by the pool, in the car with the windows down, socializing with friends/family, or are just having some relaxation time, 'Superheavy' (which is scheduled to drop July 9th) is sure to be this summer's #1 go-to album.”