Billy Draws 2 / Press

"The music varies from thrashing to peaceful ballads... When creativity is turned loose, anything can happen, and this band, part polished professionallism and part do-it-yourself know how, will likely make an evening of it"

Ed Adamczyk - Night and Day

"Throbbing power rock... you can go ahead and quote that."

Madalyn Sklar - Gogirlsmusic

“Best of all, the band is beyond solid. These folks know their stuff, and handle it all from cranking guitar and bass solos to the tight drum and keyboard work, not to mention excellent back-up vocals. They can even handle a ballad or two. Kudos to musical director Billy Horn on guitar, Doug Life on bass (and guitar), Rosie Lorenti on keyboards (and a mean bass) and Rob Helms on drums. Excellent work all around.”

Neil Garvey - Buffalorising.com

“BillyDraws2 (appearing here as The Angry Inch, Hedwig’s backup band) were able to transcend the empty space and fill it with passion, energy and excitement”

Rachel Lynn Brody - rlbrody.com

"...there's good work from the band...Billy Draws Two"



Colin Dabkowski - Buffalo News

"Hailing from Niagara Falls, opening band Billy Draws Two plays a hard driving alternative style... they could very well steal the show." -Article on Queensryche

Dave Ricci - Metro Source

““Billy Draws Two will rock your socks right off your legs! Their shows are captivating and highly energetic. You’ll see what I mean.””

Madalyn Sklar - GoGirlsMusic.com

"Billy Horn’s writing is wildly clever"

Ken Wolf - ManHatten Repertory Theatre

"For thirty minutes as I listened to the new Billy Draws Two CD, I actually saw it, I saw the music. My corneas saw the visage of a harlequin, a wildly colored trickster, wreaking havoc on the landscape around me."

J.E. Smith - NiteLife Magazine

"But really, it’s good storytelling."

J.E. Smith - NiteLife Magazine

““Billy Draws Two is melodic and methodical. They’re the soundtrack for the next generation.””

Daniel Robertson - Fusion Productions

"Radio Ready song "Plans".

J.E. Smith - NiteLife Magazine