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“Find BillyCisco at Soundcloud.com at the link below. Thanks for listening!! Billy”

“NEW RELEASE!!!!!! ' STAY OR GO ' 'Stay or Go' blues rock by BillyCisco!! Featuring Kent Metzler on bass, Eva Dennis on saxophone and BillyCisco on keyboards and vocals. Original by BillyCisco”

“Find BillyCisco at Reverbnation. www.reverbnation.com/billycisco”

“Find BillyCisco at Fandalism: http://fandalism.com/billycisco”

“Music News Flash! New release from BillyCisco! 'I Can Fly To You'-II- with vocals added.”

Leaning Shack Studios

“New Song Upload --In My Dreams I Wander”

Bill Holness - Leaning Shack New Releases

“MUSIC NEWS FLASH- BURNT MIMRY and BILLYCISCO PERFORM "TOMORROW'S ANOTHER DAY" Find them at Reverbernation.com-BillyCisco and Burnt Mimry Facebook- Patrick Douglas Spike and BillyCisco - for comments and contact. NEW MUSIC-ALERT! ‎"Tomorrow's Another Day"- Burnt Mimry and BillyCisco copyright 2012 - instrumental version. Pat Spike original collaboration -BillyCisco flute and keyboard melodies, Pat Spike all guitar work and concept, BillyCisco all keys moog bass, drums, engineering. Recorded at the Spike Ranch, Yuma-Colorado, by Leaning Shack Studios - Mobile Unit 1.”