Bill Palmer / Press

"It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to a collection of carefully crafted songs penned by someone who knows his way around a guitar and a studio and isn’t afraid to wear his rage, disappointment, redemption, and fear on his sleeve."

"Bill Palmer’s reputation as a music producer and engineer at Frogville Studios in Santa Fe is as solid as his notoriety for telling it like it is. It has already proven to be a great production year for the singer-songwriter/guitarist, who also wields an ax in his wife’s band Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess. How Palmer managed to carve out enough free time to lay down some tracks with his own band is a mystery. But rather than waste precious moments trying to solve it, just go pick up this eight-song treasure trove of alt-rock and Americana. “Tell the Man” displays Palmer’s fondness for lyrical self-reflection and a deep love of Tom Petty’s more low-fi rock tunes. “Gimme Gimme” finds Palmer and Hatfield, who pulls secondary-guitar and harmony-vocal duties on this debut album, crunching down a sexy, fuzz-rich country rocker. “The Illegals” further solidifies Palmer as a strong visual storyteller while exploring the complexities of the ongoing immigration issues"

“Bill Palmer’s TV Killers was on stage when I arrived, and I have to admit, it was hard not to have fun. My friend Karla said Bill, with his top hat and white face, looked like a combination of Jack White and Johnny Depp, but he played far better.”

“Mr. Palmer may call himself a “Dinosuar”, but he’s certainly no fossil. He is a living, breathing force of nature, and Santa Fe is lucky that he calls it home. For those of you who are not as familiar with him as I am, he is one of the most creative and talented musicians I’ve ever met. He is a great engineer (according to the folks that have worked with him), a killer producer, (check how many of the favorite CD’s in your collection of Santa Fe artists his name is on), and an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist (although I’ve only seen him play guitar live, I’ve heard recordings of him on almost everything else). Not to mention that he’s gotten two of the most amazing women in Santa Fe to marry him. OK, maybe I’m not only his friend, I’m a bit of a fan, too.”

“Bill is to Santa Fe what James McMurtry is to Austin, which is to say that he gets a lot of shit in town, particularly from club and bar owners for speaking his mind. In a way, he is Santa Fe’s music conscious, unafraid of exposing the shortsighted attitudes that undermine local music’s vitality and relevance to Santa Fe culture. The band’s name, TV Killers, stems from an incident at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame where a television, placed above the band area, was kept on during a Stephanie Hatfield and Hot Mess gig. Words ensued. The band was asked to leave mid-set and they haven’t been back since.”

Gabe Gomez - SantaFe.com