Billows / Press

"Billows is awesome. This D.C. crew jump through every variation of vintage heavy you could think of, from the stoned swagger of Sabbathian biker rock to the epic peaks and icy valleys of vintage Iron Maiden. Appalachian Throne is everything you need to know about anything, condensed into twenty-one minutes of pure unadulterated victory."

"The first track - Hindu Tabernacle is low down and dirty doom/sludgy monster of a track. Really sets you in the mood. The vocals by lead singer Richard has a lo-fi stripped approach which suits this record superbly... "But the best thing about this release is the 2nd song. Appalachian Throne. A 21 minute masterpiece of epic doomy/sludge/stoner greatness... This is stripped down sludge doom metal at some of its finest. You get some great thumping bass-lines and the drumming is loud, thick and heavy. Then the vocals get really down and dirty with some impressive death metal growling by Richard. Who then stretches his impressive vocal range all over the place. Death, Doom and Stoner over the course of this epic masterpiece... "All in all a highly accomplished and excellent release from Billows. Highly Recommended. "Turn the lights out. Light up A Bong. Put the volume onto full blast and enjoy."