Bill Miller / Press

“West Salem concert a homecoming for Bill Miller”

“Bill Miller: Channeling the Spirit Wind”

“The beginning of an era”

“Bill Miller's last stand With his rich, evocative songs and easygoing stage manner, Bill Miller is a local favorite. ”

“A conversation with Grammy-winning musician Bill Miller”

“Musician, Artist visits Wayland-Cohocton”

“Bill Miller pays homage to La Crosse with CD release, free concert”

“Composing a Bridge......... Beware, we may never be the same after next week - that is, at least, if Bill Miller has anything to do with it.”

“Native American Musician, Artist Bill Miller at ASU February 18”

“Bill Miller packs Kiva and is set for return engagement ”

“A healing homecoming: Musician and event aim for reconciliation”

“Opening the show to a sold out crowd with Iroquois Dancers, a song by the drum group Young Gunz and a hand drum song by Livetime Achievement recipient Bill Miller, the show brought down the house.”

“Native American Grammy-award Winner Celebrates Diversity”