Ruddy Nickel / Press

“Thanks for playing. And thanks for your patience and understanding with the > schedule. We are still working things out with this programming, but all in > all, I would say it was a successful evening. You all sounded really good. I > would like to find a time to have you back as a headliner. So, I'll be in > touch about available dates and such and we can go from there.”

T. Lowry - Raue Center for the Arts

“Bill, kudos my friend. Not only are you an amazing singer/song writer (hee hee) :) but you are a good person. I really appreciated you taking the time to strike up a conversation with my dad. He had surgery a few weeks ago and has not been himself since, energy really low. I know you really lifted his spirits, so Thank You! You are a gentleman and a scholar and I look forward to having you play at your next availability for our Farmer's Market. Thanks again and take good care,”

Oak tree Market review

“GreenfleaMusic is a band consisting of four talented musicians. Performing originals that run the gamut from rollicking good time tunes to biting social commentary, the Greenfleas never fail to entertain. Seeing them in their element, playing live is truly a joy. I'm a fan, and if you go see them, you will be too. - Mike Tsotsos / Owner of Hilltop lounge”

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