Bill Cornish / Press

“Stories Without Words is an absolutely stellar listening experience from beginning to end. If you've yet to discover the deep and richly rewarding music of Bill Cornish, then this album is great place to start.”

“...marvelously eclectic and very stimulating ranging from solo piano to rhythmic ensembles. It's a joyful work..."”

“Bill Cornish shines here with strong synth and piano work on selections that make Sojourn a truly diverse and illustrative project. It proves worthy of its boast that it’s an exercise in “cinematic storytelling” and that Cornish’s music defies easy categorization.”

“Cornish has the gift. He doesn’t need lyrics, and he already has the singers. Nature is singing through this music. Cornish does a lovely job of transcribing the magic.”

“A beautiful serene soundscape that melds the choicest flute, piano, guitar, synthesizer, organ, and expertly programmed drum pattern cuts into one wonderful unforgettable mind-expanding adventure. Can’t miss out on this one.”

“Horizons is a nice piece of work, as well as a warm listening experience. The CD appeals to the innermost processes that allows jazz to be an artistic endeavor.”