bilistic / Press

“Bilistic has a powerful showcase of gritty wordplay & speed of lightning flow. His diverse songs point to why his music is as hot in the hood as it is at any upscale club!”

“He's an extraordinary MC. People insist on comparing him to Em, who we know is dope, but Bilistic has his own style. He can hold his own with the BEST! He's the MC we should all be watching now!”

“The hottest thing to come out of the midwest this year is a bold, Wichita based MC known as Bilistic.”

“If you want some dark content mixed with undeniable skills Bilistic's your man. He's a BEAST on the mic!!”

“The best way I can describe Bilistic is he's alot like Eminem, but more hood. I'd say he's just as good as Em, IF NOT BETTER!”

“Bilistic is extremely good at what he does. A quick check with CD Baby shows me that Bilistic is not only a popular download, but can really move some CD's.”

“Songs such as Fallen Angels; I Remember and Where Will I Go , display Bilistic's solid story telling skills.He created some incredible stories and put them to music. Listening to this CD was almost like watching a real life movie. It unfolds right in front of the listener.”

“His flow is fast and furious, and Bilistic isn't afraid to speak his mind. Bitingly honest and intensely personal rhymes make up much of his albums.”

“Crafting infectious raps that are slick and radio-friendly, Bilistic's material deserves attention – it's every bit as good as the top 40 rap you're hearing.”

“Lyrically if you could imagine a middle eastern Eminem that's Bilistic. HE'S OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN! He can put word patterns and flows together that no one has ever done before! If he wanted to he could rap about a cheese sandwich and make it interesting!”