Big Rude Jake / Press

“No student of the Canadian music scene can consider themselves ready for graduation until they have contemplated the impact of Big Rude Jake. A gifted songwriter, Jake brings his engaging story telling skills to Show 74 and takes us on a punk meets jazz trip ...”

“BIG RUDE GENIUS ...Big Rude Jake delves much deeper and dirtier. Musically, he layers the big band basics ... and the result is undoubtedly more refined.. But BRJ really travels leaps and bounds above the pack in the lyrics. God, can this man string words together!”

“Each song is a story ... And with each story comes the impressive and intelligent vocals of Big Rude Jake. BRJ pays homage to the originals.. give Big Rude Jake the respect they deserve, and I think you'll be happy you did.”

“... veteran of alternative music in Canada ... lots of it was not quite daytime radio, if you know what I mean. We celebrate this great song writer & he shares some great stories through three decades of Rockabilly, Jazz, Punk and Alternative music in Toronto and around the world.”