Big Rob / Press

“Lyrics are lyrics once again. From the first to song to the last. Big Rob delivers the hottest independent cd of 2011. This cd halves bangers club bangers, and street bangers.”

Tony Tone

“This artist is very smooth and laid back. With a classic street flow. Awesome storyteller that nice with ladies.Very charming with incredible street swag.This artist giving you classic songs like Shawty Wanna, Ride With Me,and My Way. With street anthems like Them Things, Da Don, Succeed, and Check Mate. Club like Wiggle Full Throttle, Ain't Cute. This indie artist is the real deal. Check Big Rob Da Don out.”

Crystal Sweet Thing Smith

“Never sleep on this dude. He is that fire. Bringing his story telling skills to for front. Big Rob gots game. Be ready for the take over. Its coming soon.”

Big Will

“Words are not enough. Big Rob is a classic story teller. From the way he bring the street to life in songs like My Way, Them Things, Succeed and Da Don. Then switch up and take you to another level. In songs like Shawty Wanna, Full Throttle, and Ride With Me. I love the smooth street sound that he possessive. In every song a truth classic”

Prime Star

“In a game of lost skill and gimmick. This rapper shows he have the skill. To separate him from the rest. If you are looking for the goods. You don't have to look far. Big Rob Da Don hottest independent cd out. On scale of 1 to 10. It is a 10,”

SNS Skillz

“Big Rob haves it all. A very handsome sexy ass man. That have away with words and women. Can't wait to here more from this rapper. You know I wanna. Yea Big Rob that's whats up.”

Ms Grown&Sexy

“Da Don is here. Big Rob is bringing that fire for the streets. DMV newset hip-hop artist is ready to deliver. With joints like Shine, My Way, Wiggle, and Ain't Cute. Shows that Big Rob is ready to rep DMV.”


“This artist will give you that fire. He have a smooth street flow. With bangers like Them Things, Shine, My Way,Shawty Wanna and Ride with Me shows his true love for the ladies.”

Lady L

“Moe dis dude here be CRANKIN.... Da beatz r tight and lyrics r like dat...Dats wassup...”

lil riz

“I love this man Big Rob. He's sooo sexy with his fine ass. U can cum ride with me any time.”

Jersey Honey

“Slim, I'm hottest thing out right now.... Da game need me.... Da streetz r talkin.... and Da ladies love me”

Big Rob

“This is one of the most flavorful dudes in while. Giving listeners that hot butter flows that the game have been missing for a long time. DC,MD,VA are you ready to feel this rappers. As he come at you Full Throttle. The street are ready... Are you ready for Big Rob.”