Big Ol' Dirty Bucket / Press

“They sing, swing, and rap their way through a massive set of hearty party music. I mean, REAL hearty music.”

“Many of these songs are picture-perfect funk that exploits and gloriously revels in all the genre’s most vital tropes– bizarre, cultic invented words; irresistible rhythmic impetus; goofy wordplay; poly-rhythmic foo-fo-raw; interpolated nonsense sounds; wild, one-off guitar solos, and kitchen-sink aesthetics.”

“Wooo! Grab me a fan because this recording is smoking hot!”

"The Bucket is straight nasty funky badass'ness! Its like the Jackson 5 mated with Robert Randolph :) I'm in!!!! Fantastic!!!"

“As said in the final track, “There ain’t no party like a bucket party cause a bucket party don’t stop” are true words, coming from first hand experience and listening to a funking wonderful debut album. Look for Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket this summer at a festival near you!”

“It’s as if Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket stole the Black Eyed Peas playbook and then perfected it.”

“MIC SMOKE is superbly representative of your overall groove; a clean, sharp laser point of clarified funk and sweetness that reaches deep inside, moves my ass, soothes my soul and brings an unrestrained smile. Thanks for restoring my faith in today’s musicians and cutting through the genre clutter.”

"[Big Ol' Dirty Bucket] spread their genre-bending brand of funk on thick from front to back, cutting the air like a knife and smoothing it back over again in sweet, sweaty sound.The energy in the room was relentless, through slow, sultry ballads and jump-up-and-down jams just the same."

“...at some point in their set any and every type of listener will have heard something to their liking. Diverse, inclusive, and… surprising!”

“The 10-piece band, led by the powerful vocals of Sarah "Lil' Shrimp" Seminski, hit the scene at Boston's infamous Middle East venue, then started performing with heroes from Parliament Funkadelic/420 Funk Mob. They are definitely funky, fun, and cover topics from kickin' Chuck Norris weed to the intricacies of post-breakup sex.”

“I've been mixing live music for 28 years professionally averaging 220-240 bands/year, and i gotta say... BODB brings the funk! Psychedelic, fresh, yet old-school! Superb... I think i have new favorite local band!”

“Big Ol' Dirty Bucket is a nasty, sweaty, funky experience all its own.”

“All of the album’s tracks are strong and filled with funk front to back. Fans of the Brand New Heavies, Teena Marie, and even Black Eyed Peas will certainly appreciate this offering.”

“Big Ol’ Dirty Bucket really is like a delicious gumbo of music—peppered into the funky soul and R&B are a bit of Latin spice, sweet disco, and salty rap. I can only imagine this band leaves their fans at shows sweating with carefree joy! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, funk lives and breathes here in Massachusetts.”

“It was a good chill that I felt anytime I heard and saw the band "Big Ol' Dirty Bucket". They put the ants in my pants! I feel like and did try to dance!”

“Soul melodies accompany you while your head is activated at a time from the comfort of your butt and expected to last: begin to dance.”

“When I really wanna feel funky, I put on the Big Ol' Dirty Bucket.”

“If George Clinton and James Brown hold the thrones in the kingdom of Funk, then Big Ol' Dirty Bucket are the keepers of the flame; the defenders of the realm.”

Fan Email

“...it is so rare that unsolicited demos get more than a few seconds of my attention. This, however, is a sound that it is hitting me right in the pocket!”

“A category-funk funkicane originating somewhere in the North Shore picked up by the Eastern Bootystream... Of course, we don’t have to tell you what that means. Absolute funktastrophe.”

"The band that’s quickly making a name for itself as a party force to be reckoned with... Those with a working set of eardrums will remember their sound blasting from the stage – deep grooves, a busy horn section, and the soulful vocals of Sarah Seminski."

“It really seems impossible to listen to this 10-piece band’s music and not dance—your body will just involuntarily move whether it be tapping your feet or full-body jammin’. Fabulous percussion, brash and punctuating horns, stingin’ searin’ guitar, tasty bass, and then of course those vocals—wow, those vocals by Sarah “Lil’ Shrimp” Seminski. Sultry, powerful, incredible—and I’m still just talking about the funk, soul, and R&B aspects of the band. Peppered within the funk here and there are hip-hop stylings led by MC Micah “Big Daddy Disco” Casey. I am thoroughly impressed with the musicianship of this entire band.”

“Big Ol' Dirty Bucket brought the house down–and they were the OPENERS!!! A live 10 piece band with a big sound a’la Parliament meets Rick James meets Soulive.”