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“The other day I visited Darwin’s Pub on 6th street to see Quinn Walton, an old friend of mine, jam with some Austin locals. In fact, they play every Tuesday through Saturday at this location. I captured some photos with my 50 mm lens so they can use them on their website and social media pages. I’ll be visiting them more often this summer and hope to do some video work with them soon as well.”

"The Big Ol' Band is an immensely talented group of old souls whose music & passion translate the honest dedication of artists to their trade, to each other and to their audiences"

“A few seconds of listening was all it took to know I wanted to hear it all (yes, they passed the ten second rule with flying colors). I agreed to come to Austin to check them out.”

“There’s A Big Ole Band Playin’ At Some Hole In The Wall The light was Seeping into them As they gave Strangers shards Of their soul And you could see In their eyes The whole room Felt it Whatever it was Beyond the words The world (and I) Try to put it to It was a Smooth talkin’ barman Hell’s reunion (but just a tsp.) Mixed with chords That sang happy Some that played sad Formed with fingers That knew both Inspiration and habit It was 70s paneling Lining aged postered walls Friends that gave me Words and curved lips It was too much To commit to Shitty cocktail napkins Just beauty”

"The Big Ol Band is a collection of friends, singers, and strummers from the Austin community. Their rootsy sound and youthful exuberance hearkens back to the front-porch sessions of old, where good friends and authentic music meet in the spirit of togetherness. Although the idea of a large group of like-minded musicians swapping songs (and the occasional instrument) is a time-tested dynamic, few bands prove more cohesive and humble in its undertaking. These are soul-stirring spirituals and engaging originals that display the amount of dedication and passion these players pour into their craft. Female vocals soar to the rafters while earthy male voices serve to ground and to inspire. The Big Ol Band is a dynamic group of songwriters whose lyrics and melodies are sure to turn heads at your favorite bar, club, or festival."

Dyan Pacheco - Me Or Your Eyes

"The Big Ol Band is a Big Ol Idea"

Terry - Beale Street Tavern

"Suprisingly Good"

Guy at bar

"That Big Ol Band is pretty good!"

Jason Harris