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“'...quaking guitar riffs, electrified vocals....'”

“'...Big Mosey got me to travel to LuLus tonight. I previewed their collection of songs online. Which instantly struck a nerve that needed to be addressed with a live performance. Big Mosey didn't disappoint . This band shines live. Artists such as Seven Mary Three and Tom Waits come to mind if I was asked who they remind me of. They have a gritty blues vibe with a sonic groove that comforts your soul.'”

“The debut album of a band is the telling sign of a band's intentions. The sound could be following a trend that's came on strong as of late and be catered more towards those pop loving audiences who will love the band because they'll say, "Dude, these guys sound like (insert band here)!!!" On the other end of the spectrum, you get those bands who really could care less if they sound trendy and just care about writing the music they love. The following album falls under the latter.”

“Big Mosey is a Brooklyn based band that carries the embodiment of the raspy, alternative-rock music they create in their very essence. While the band is still up-and-coming, their music and presence is that of seasoned veterans; in that, they have the skills and talents required to perform a good show, lay down an awesome track and they are still able to be one with the music.”

"It is rare for me to write about an act that is unsigned. If I do, then I feel that it must be an act I must share with you. This is Big Mosey......The four track release 'Homeward At Daybreak' is pure raucous energy."

"This cool group deliver four songs worth of pleasingly jangly’n’snappy straight-up rock’n’roll. The vocals are raspy, yet lively and passionate, the arrangements peppy and tuneful, the springy guitars, equally elastic basslines, and hoppin’ drums supply a steady succession of speedy tempos and constant jumpin’ beats. The songs alternate between go-for-it bluesy barn burners (the gloriously raw’n’ragged “Rocking Chair”) and more subdued and melodic reflective numbers (the beautifully moody “Rainbows Wild”). What’s not to like?"

"Big Mosey is getting noticed for their raw unique sound in NYC. These Brooklyn born boys are channeling the sounds of the south with their soulful gritty southern rock sound....The music is kind of reminiscent to early Modest Mouse, and vocals could be compared to blues/jazz legends. It is really cool to listen to the blends of style, and hear the emotion and genuine passion in the songwriting. If you're into old school straight up rock at it's purest, Big Mosey is the shot in the arm you're needing."

"...the new EP from Big Mosey (Evan Hammer & Matt Jacobs) comes with such high praise. It's gritty. It's loud. It might make your granny scream to "turn that down", but it's just what my ragged heart was longing for. The gravelly voice of singer Matt Jacobs would make Janis Joplin very proud. "

"Big Mosey perks ears with its bluesy alternative rock sound and front-man Matt Jacob's peculiarly deep and gritty vocals."

"The second and third tracks [from 'Homeward At Daybreak'], Rainbows Wild and The Blue Skies Are Over are the standouts from the EP. Rainbows Wild plays out a pretty lead over a distorted rhythm guitar line, with a certain 90’s rock sensitivity to the guitar playing akin to Crush off of the Smashing Pumpkins debut, Gish. The Blue Skies Are Over begins with bouncy Southern two-step bass beat, sounding like a Cramps song, except these guys are tighter performers (I say that with love, Cramps fans. No one could compare to who they were), and the song has a real danceability to it, that comes in teases through the guitar line. It comes in and out of the verse until sticking so gratifyingly throughout the chorus."

"...‘Harold Called This Morning,’ which includes a few different tunes that flows together making it a fantastical story of creativity and loss of innocence."

"The hard, bluesy quartet hail from Brooklyn. And you most definitely need to check ‘em out. If for no other reason than the final guitar solo/jam in “Rainbows Wild” will literally melt your earsockets."

"...the group churns out gritty, feverish alt-rock stabs that summon backwoods Southern blues and dense slogging funk."

““When an onlooker to a true live rock performance has a hard time stopping the replay button in their mind after seeing an incredible show, one has to ask himself... 'When the hell can I see them again???' I was privileged to experience this lingering affect when Matt Jacob from Big Mosey put on a spectacle that truly left its mark on Seaside Tavern – from his ability to engage a crowd like Elvis, his strength to resurrect the soul of Jim Morrison, and having the voice that is comparable to Sully Erna of Godsmack.” ”

Tim Guzda/Art Director for Stamford Advocate & Greenwich Times - commentary

"Really dig the visceral-ality of it all! Feels like they’ve lived their music and authenticity is great in the new world of superficial pop music.”

Oliver Hartman/writer for Broke-ass Stuart - commentary