Big Medicine / Press

“These guys were all from the Raleigh/Durham area and you don't know what a great band you've got. Boy, if we imported these people off to Minnesota, they would be enormous stars, they'd be driving around in black limos and they'd be heroes. They're just a great band - I love this band called Big Medicine.”

"Big Medicine runs the fault line between old- time and bluegrass but also manages to make some highly creative statements that sound as if they came from deep in the tradition.This band is an example of experienced players who have learned the music, its shapes, colors, and forms, and, not being content to just play it, have taken these shapes and colors to form their own music within the genre...Big Medicine is an all-around band. They nail the fiddle tunes, they sing and play a wide range of songs, and do it all equally well."

Bob Buckingham - Old-Time Herald

"Great songs, delivery, harmonies, and stage presence. You all are entertainers, something that's all too rare in the old-time community."

Jack Bernhardt - Raleigh News & Observer

“Big Medicine, out of North Carolina, plays old-time like a bluegrass band, or maybe its bluegrass like an old-time band. They can't be pigeon-holed. The album has 20 cuts of the finest traditional hillbilly music you'll ever hear. Between four members they play guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo and bass. The singing is not the polished and buttery smooth saccharine we've come to expect from contemporary bluegrass. It has grit and believability, and is sometimes moving. The band constantly trades around the instruments, yet maintains a solid sound. Their music is definitely in the traditional old-time vein, but they bring each piece to life as though it is their own original creation. And they do rock! The fiddle tunes will make your fat jiggle, I said so. They get a nice variety on the vocals, with lots of harmony singing. In fact the whole dang collection is great, lots of variety and nice surprises. As the liner notes state, "It is music that can move the heart, lift the spirits, make”

Bill Martin - Yahoogroup Nwbluegrass

“So many old-time bands are content with finding obscure fiddle tunes and filling up recordings with track after track of the same old thing. Big Medicine is more interested in playing music from many different sources and isn't afraid to travel new roads once in a while in order to find a great tune. It all sounds simply wonderful.”

Tom Druckenmiller - Sing Out!