Big Mama E and the Cool / Press

“Big Mama E and the Cool’s High Maintenance is an outstanding rock album filled with great songwriting and fine instrumental work. And the voice of Emma Davis is one of the best in today’s rock business. It’s handmade music at its best! ”

Joachim Domrath - Home of Rock magazine – Hildesheim Germany

“High Maintenance is a CD worth repeated listening. These are five individuals creating their own sound and it’s a good one. ”

Willie Painter - Urban Hiker

“Songs with a discernable but still attention-grabbing verse/chorus form, appealing lyrics and first rate arrangements. Nothing artificial added. ”

Allison King-Jordan - Triad Style

“It’s always a pleasure to hear a solid band that knows what it’s about and gets right to the musical point. Big Mama’s sound is rock flirting with funk, and lead singer Emma Davis is the engine driving that sound. –”

Phillip Van Vleck - Durham Herald Sun