BIG LLOU / Press

“Big Llou posted on Facebook that anyone with a Blues Society card should hit him up for a copy of his new CD, They Call Me Big Llou. I caught up with him on Beale Street and was pleasantly surprised when I threw the disc in for a spin. The big man can sing, and how. I’ve enjoyed They Call Me Big Llou. The whole disc reflects the playful side of Llou Johnson, front and center, and that isn’t a bad thing. A nice selection of tunes, a great band behind him and Llou’s soulful vocals all contribute to an excellent first effort by Big Llou and I’m looking forward to his next disc as he continues to find his stride in the Blues world.”

“They call him Big Llou, the well-known voice of the “Ten Commandments of the Blues” on B.B. King’s Bluesville, because he weights 300 pounds — and he wants the world to know it. Sporting an instantly recognizable, famously baritone voice and, for those that have seen him in person, a powerful build and an endlessly stylistic appeal, Big Llou has recently released his first solo album, They Call me Big Llou. The album grooves along funk, traditional Chicago blues, and some slow, slutry numbers as Llou graces the wax with his smooth-as-silk vocals. Read more at American Blues Scene: http://www.americanbluesscene.com/2012/02/they-call-me-big-llou-by-big-llou-johnson-is-silky-sultry-blues/#ixzz1n6BUJZ7p ”

“When I first popped this CD in I thought I was listening to some unknown Barry White with Mistah Llou's - Step Wit Chu”

“This is a crazy cool smooth r&b From the moment Step Wit You" began vibin' my head was bobbin and my body swayin. The deep baritone voice of Mistah Llou salutes Barry White and Issac Hayes, but Mistah Llou is not a copykat. Vocals and rap are smooth as a fine cognac”

“Llou, knows what he wants and by all accounts he’s going to get it! This is undoubtedly my track of the moment. Mistah Llou, is one I would like to hear more of”