Big Joe Hurt / Press

“On stage: Joe Hurt with a sexy, thrilling voice and soulful guitar, Alana Lee, Aryiel Hartman and Alina Smith three powerful vocalists, dressed like traveling gypsies. Add the quirky Alex Platt, the drummer responsible for the bands characteristic vibe, Alex Romero and Gabe Rosenn, on bass and guitar. Aurelius DeMarco on the saxophone. On any other night the core of their music is electric guitars, bass, and drums. Tonight they presented a vibey acoustic arrangement of their tunes. With a very fun and playfully untamed stage presence, the band played soul, blues, and reggae inspired tunes with the same intense beat and energy that the band has built their reputation on. I rarely see an audience watch an unsigned band so intently, the band managed to capture the ears of all in the room.”

“Material: Big Joe Hurt presents self-described "grown-up music." This is true, in the sense that grown-ups who have experienced love, loss and the wide spectrum of human emotion will relate to his Latin- and jazz-infused tunes. For Joe, melody is king, but it is a royalty without extravagance, enjoyable in its simplicity. Performance: Big Joe Hurt was at home on stage. Sharing stories of musical inspiration, this crooner had a welcoming style matched by his band. These musicians weren't rock stars; there were no egos or grandstanding. It was an evening of comfort music to warm your soul. Summary: Big Joe Hurt has a very specific vision for his music: love. As he said, "I hope one day, [my music] is responsible for one child." Perhaps it is this feeling that comes across and makes a Big Joe Hurt experience so heartwarming and welcoming. Perfect for film in any romantic comedy, or even some private nookie music. Big Joe Hurt proves he's got lots of love to go around. ~~~Paula Muñoz”