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“Live Yur Life In Your Moment - my bestfriend made this for me i love her You’re the one I see the one I think of when something bad you protect me even when your far away from I got the feeling that if I can be with you nothing could ever go wrong… The feeling we both get isn’t mutual wow who knows it can be fate taking its course on us… So far but yet your so close to me how that’s possible beats me but yet you can be my number one the one I can say no matter where the road takes us I love you more than anything… The hurt you and I have been through is only making us stronger and closer together with the smiles, and laughs we give each other… To see you would be like seeing the beautiful night sky for the very first time that’s how amazing I see you… nothing compares to how we feel or what we think about each other… The distance between the two can never break apart the love we share… We don’t belong as two we belong as one distance can’t keep us away I lov”