Bigfoot and the Prehistoric Dogs / Press

“Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. The Abominable Snowman. Whatever you want to call it, such a giant, mythical ape is not real—at least, not anymore. But more than a million years ago, an ape as big as a polar bear lived in South Asia, until going extinct 300,000 years ago.”

“A Seattle taxidermist says that Bigfoot, the creature whose huge, humanlike footprints have the natives of Weitchpec area of northern California guessing, is an Indian gone wild. Al Corbett said Tuesday that he and another taxidermist, Bob Titmus of Anderson, Calif., inspected the tracks 25 miles north of Weitchpec and found the prints to be "very large, definitely human tracks." Corbett said the clearest print was 16 inches long, five inches across at the heel and seven inches across at the ball of the foot.”