Big Daddy Cee / Press

“CEE SONG You Blow me away with your musical talent and production skills. TOP NOTCH all the way. FANtastic ........”

“HEART That sonically gorgeous intro bass hooked me in straight away, then it gives way to this open, soaring piece that has so many hooks that grab you and reel you in. The drumb track is expertly put together as are all the parts, that are so nicely/cleverly orchestrated. A clear detailed mix just cooks this piece to perfection. Bl**dy marvelous...”

“Take it Slow In my opinion, there's not enough R&B here at MJ's and that's unfortunate - this sounds really nice. Smooth vocals, big wide mix, nice bottom. Love Shi's voice...perfect all the way around.”

rok41 - MACJAMS

"Delivered with that incredible CEE kick ass power. Double thumbs!

“BLACK LACE Has that smooth jazz FM feel. Nylon gtr patch was nice off of the keys. Over-all: sweet mix, good production and a great performance. Cool listening ride. Respect / Appreciation, MH~”

MH2010 - iCompositions.com

“Steppin' is more like "Cruising" it's a very memorable tune, it's smooth as h***!!!!! I like it the strumming of the lead guitar in there, makes ya wanna sit back and relax and just cruise. Thanks for sharing your music with us. Ruth aka RnBMistress”


“About Black Lace Very nicely assembled and balanced. This is smooth and tasty with a tremendous depth of sound. The attention to detail is wonderful - even the fingersnaps are kicking! An exquisite piece. JahLove; ~GerryMATW”